"Roma", read from back to front, turns into "Amor", which means love in Italian. This book is an homage to tenderness. It is the crib of the eternal and dynamic love held in this precious book. An evocative name for a poetic and totally unexpected gift from a jewelry collector and romantic husband to his wife, to immortalize a reciprocal loving devotion. "Amor" is a moving walk through an itinerary of love. Starting from Rome, where their story blossomed, it unrolls through a succession of travels and locations around the world. Unforgettable instants of memories and emotions spangled by a new jeweler for each special event. This book symbolizes the kind of gift that only love / affection / passion can inspire. A compilation of unique pieces of jewelry, beautiful trips, joyful emotions and indescribable twinkles of happiness. It not only shows the sequence of the moments of a lifetime, but it includes an exhibition of all the jewels that have been protagonists in this exclusive love. The author wanted to recall and keep alive the important occasions of their relationship in a legacy form. A tribute to unconditional love, and at the same time a love heritage for their children and to whoever will be inspired by this unique gift idea.

Stelar Legacy has re-travelled all the symbolic places of their love story together to capture their lived moments and remembrances. Stelar Legacy has interpreted the whole chain of these acts of love into this singular, high-class graphic design coffee table book.

Stelar Legacy took care of:
creative & art direction
copywriting & storytelling
landscape & portrait photography
graphic & book case design
book printing & production