Sprüngli is a Swiss chocolate brand famous all around the world since 1836. This special publication, created in honor of the celebration of the 175th anniversary of Confiserie Sprüngli, unpacks the wonder of a dreaming child. Reading has never been as tasty and sweet as on these pages. Before even turning the first page of this exquisite journey, our senses can already smell that typical perfume of the chocolate’s powder and feel that truly unique taste that only a fine palate recognizes. It speaks about tradition, savoir faire and the characteristic excitement that chocolate can evoke. This is a wonderfully inspirational book, with contributions and interviews by Swiss personalities such as Dieter Meyer, Massimo Rocchi und Carolina Müller-Möhl about the fine affinities between their artistic and personal stories and the Sprüngli world of chocolate. As depicted, it is surprising to see how chocolate impacts and inspires both them and other people’s lives. Taking this scenario, Stelar Legacy created a photo-romance in which the protagonist, Miss Celine, is a famous writer addicted to chocolate and forever in love with it. The romance unfurls its story in one of the most distinguished Sprüngli Cafés on Paradeplatz in Zurich. Every day she spends hours there, unconcerned by time passing by. She tastes her coffee while becoming lost in watching the maître chocolatier creating daily sweet inspirations. A story inside a story, which ends beautifully because she… Ah, but this we shouldn’t reveal!

This is definitely a delicious book – a fitting confirmation of the legacy created by Sprüngli over the past 175 years.

Stelar Legacy took care of:
creative & art direction
copywriting & interviews of personalities
location scouting & set design
model casting & fashion shooting
graphic & book case design
images & film making
book printing & production