Resgia Veglia

A worldwide unique piece. A mountain-wildwood box for a luxurious escape. The exclusive wooden cover, handmade by an artisan who has his studio at the top of the Swiss Alps, is a preview that leaves one breathless. This is a design volume as never seen before. It shows a premium, private mountain chalet through the art of sublime graphic design photography. An ode to charm and allure on sliding and forever-lasting pages of an extraordinary, timeless marriage of nature and an architectural masterpiece. It feels as if we were physically present in the living room, enchanted by the contemplative view and pleasing landscape of Engadin. At first glance this book might seem to simply concern nature and architecture, but it also represents a thank-you gift to a dear one.

Stelar Legacy reveals its supreme ambition and commitment in showing the ambiance and the interior design of private residences.

Stelar Legacy took care of:
creative & art direction
copywriting & storytelling
cover creation & styling & set design
photo shooting & production
graphic design & book printing