Merlin's Dream

“An eclectic, romantic and dream-like style of work,” as Tsumori Chisato defines these silent, blurred flowers, the likes of which have never been portrayed before. A vision that goes far beyond the already seen. Reality, illusion, the eternal and enchantment condensed in “just” petals, corollas and pistils. An incessant and contemplative gaze that constantly explores and finds that fulfilling, sometimes hidden, sense of beauty. This is the vision and the signature of Patrizio Di Renzo. One hundred and sixty different types of flower portraits form a metaphor of life to remind us that reality has many nuances, shapes and versions. All that is needed is to look to a flower and to its infinite declinations of perception and beauty. A parallelism that could be transferred to our days, to our age and to our societies too. The flower is also a metaphor to reflect and to philosophize on the meaning and perception of the passing of time, quickly and slowly at the same time.

Stelar Legacy took care of:
creative direction & visual conception 
flower research & set design
flower casting & photo shooting  
graphic design & art direction
book printing & production