Majo Fruithof 2009

Custom-made items of jewelry of rare beauty are the legacy creations made by the artist Majo Fruithof. The unique designs reveal their true allure as marks of distinctiveness. Gazing through the pages of this supreme jeweler’s collection from the 1930s, the reader cannot but feel admiration for the breathtaking craftsmanship of a goldsmith who creates pieces/treasures/objects of eternal beauty. To capture the essence of these handmade, world-class jewels, Stelar Legacy created and produced the whole world of visuals: a balanced alternation of black-and-white patterns that sometimes digress from the ornaments, body and face, but never disappear from view. A perfect symbiosis, ideally interpreted the by top model Iekeliene Stange. Geometric and customized hats were also designed by Stelar Legacy to frame these magnificent jewels, as fragments of art dating back to 2009.

Stelar Legacy elaborated the style concept with the make-up artist Kabuki, New York.

Stelar Legacy took care of:
creative direction & visual conception
hat creation & set design
model casting & photo shooting
graphic design & art direction
book printing & production