Nici Jost

Instinctive Desire is a publication about the artist Nici Jost. The project is all about pink and its gradations. This color is the fil rouge in all her works. The artist wonders about the deep meaning of pink and its impact on society. By researching the inner nature of this color, she is interested in exploring how the different shades of pink can influence and affect history, politics, culture and literature. She has tried to develop a color palette of different pink nuances, the so called “pink color system,” from colored face-powder tones to rococo pink to peach or salmon pink. This edition has been made with different types of papers and a special open binding.

This book distinctively shows the creative and artistic touch of Stelar Legacy.

Stelar Legacy took care of:
creative direction & visual conception
hat creation & set design
model casting & photo shooting
graphic design & art direction
book printing & production